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The arcade version was later ported to the Famicom on December 30, 1986. A port of Contra for the Nintendo Entertainment System was developed by Vic Tokai for Nintendo, and released by Nintendo in North America on July 9, 1987. The NES version was released on December 21, 1987. Contra was ported to the Nintendo DS on August 30, 2009, for the Japanese market, and released on April 19, 2010, in North America. A port of Contra for the Game Boy Advance was released on September 20, 2003, in Japan, and on April 22, 2004, in North America. A port of Contra for the PlayStation Portable was released on January 25, 2011. Gameplay Contra is a run-and-gun, first-person shooter video game with simple controls. The player controls one of a small number of selectable characters, one of which is the protagonist, each of whom has a predefined set of weapons, abilities and special moves. The player character is in first-person view, which allows the player to shoot enemies, while the opposite side of the screen is covered by an isometric projection of the background scenery. The player must travel from left to right through areas of the game world, shooting enemies and avoiding being shot by enemies or obstacles, including barriers and trap doors that kill the player if they are stepped on. The player is given a limited number of continues. At the end of each stage, the player either loses a life or gains a Continue, depending on whether they have enough continues or have exceeded the number. Each stage of Contra has an objective that the player must complete to progress to the next stage. The objective is either a boss, a combination of several enemies or the "Zero" (NPC). If the player fails to complete the stage's objective, they will fail that stage; if the player completes the stage's objective, they will gain an item that will help them in the next stage. The game does not end if the player loses all of their lives; the player must instead complete a Challenge mode, where they can continue through the game and fail as many times as they wish. Gameplay mechanics Contra is a side-scrolling run-and-gun shooter. The player character is one of two selectable characters (Demoman and Heavy Weapons Guy, a.k.a. "The Big Guy"). The player can switch between the characters in the pause screen, or in the main game when they are prompted by one of the game




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Download Contra Game For Pc Full Version Free attlopal
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